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Landscape Design Questionnaire


• Think about how you currently use your garden and how you ideally envisage using it.

• Do you need a safe place for children to play, a dining area for 2 or 20, a quiet shady spot to read, relax, or soak up the sun?

• How about a place to stow the lawnmower and the rubbish bins?

• Do you have excessive sun or lots of shade?

• Another thing to remember, that like your home, your garden will need constant maintenance… leaves fall, weeds grow, irrigation nozzles plug up, shrubs need shaping, roses need dead-heading and lawns need mowing.

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Existing Landscape Conditions

New Landscaping Requirements

What type of activities do you do (or want to do) in your garden?

Desired planting effect?


Your budget will determine whether your garden can be installed all at once or phased in over time. The selection of paving materials and the size of the plant material specified in the final plans will also be determined by your budget.

Images of your existing garden

For us to hit the ground running with your project, please send us a couple of images of the current garden/driveway below. If you already have site plans that you can provide us with this would be helpful too but don't worry if not.

Additional Comments
If there is anything else we should know about your project?