Garden Chique


We need a garden to enjoy some outdoor space was the main reason to call us . The clients are a hard-working family and like a lot of our clients do not really have the time to be out in their gardens updating them. The garden had completely got out of control and they found themselves being constrained closer and closer to the house in order to gain some outdoor space.

They were faced with a low brick retaining wall that was still serviceable but not great to look at.  The garden was on three levels and due the corner location of the house the garden was triangular with a large sycamore to the rear. The existing wisteria had gone particularly wild and was making a path for the upstairs bedroom window.

large overgrown plants
overgrown garden
autumn leaves in garden


In order to break the shape of the garden a series of paved areas where constructed in a circular pattern, the three levels where retained with a combination of natural stone cobbles that matched the paving and a garden sleeper on the woodland level.

The pergolas added instant height and support for the wisteria and newly planted climbers. The low brick wall was clad in a hardwood and stained to provide a finished surface that looks appealing and feels tactile with the added advantage of it now forming a bench within the scented planting.

garden path
raised patio area
patio area


The family now have several areas for chilling and entertaining, the low-level scented planting will provide colour and interest throughout the year. The main top paved area can now be utilised as a family area, over the next few months the wisteria will start to climb over the newly constructed pergola and flower providing years of enjoyment.

seating area
Garden pathway
Wooden canopy

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