New build Relaxation


The client is a hard working couple who like to relax once they have finished work, the garden was not working for them due to the small new build paved area the developer had installed.

An area to the side of the garage fell away drastically and was unsuitable for anything other than grass, the client had planted up the garden and wished to encourage wildlife with the planting.

potted plants


The new natural stone paving was shaped to provide a small seating area outside the main doors to enable the client to enjoy the morning sunlight before leaving for work. The existing turf was retained, topdressed and reseeded to help keep the project within budget, Stepping stones where placed into the lawn to lead the client to the raised deck . The large hardwood decked area with the wrap around planters provided the client with an entertaining area in a previously unusable area. The new planting complimented the existing planting

stone patio area
raised wooden decking area


The creation of the different areas has enabled the client to finally enjoy their garden, the lawn will establish over the coming months and provide a backdrop to the newly planted flora within the garden.

stone patio area and lawn
bird house

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