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Making dream gardens a reality:

Putting some extra care into designing your landscape can make your home’s outdoor living spaces feel like luxurious getaways. There are plenty of different directions you can go in for a more inspired garden–but whether you’re planning a complete overhaul or just an update of your current space, these tips will help bring the most out of your home.

One thing to keep in mind for a more comfortable outdoor space is to think of your garden as an extension of your living room. This can be accomplished through carefully arranged lighting, which can add warmth, dimension, and a relaxing ambiance. Adding a fire pit or fireplace can alsocontribute to this sense of warmth (literally and figuratively), and provide anattractive focal point for a lounging area.

Another exciting way you can bring the indoors outside is to build a full-service kitchen and bar onto your patio. Cooking in your outdoor space allows you to remain more engaged with any guests you may be entertaining, and can lead to a more fun, free-flowing, and interactive type of dinner party. To take it a step further, an attractive organic garden can even provide fresh and readily accessible ingredients to whatever you’re cooking up.

Despite the warmth that may come from making your garden feel like an indoor space,it’s still important to keep some semblance of outdoor living (otherwise,what’s the point?). Water features such as fountains can capture this perfectly, combining elegant stonework with the almost meditative quality that water provides.

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