Traditional Revamp


Heaven On Earth Landscapes Limited received a call for help from a very keen gardener, the gardener had lost her way and needed help and advice to revamp her traditional well-kept garden.

The garden was a very unusual shape and proved difficult for the client to define areas of use other than the old lawn. The planting beds where very well populated and I was keen to keep as much of the existing planting as possible.

New lawn
established trees
dead plants


The garden required balance and structure, the unusual shape needed to be a useful area but also provide a practical and peaceful focal point within the garden.

The clients wished to retain some grassed areas but define the edges from the planting beds, the introduction of light and movement within the garden design was also requested.

Garden progress
Bird house
Garden in progress. Wheel barrow upside down


The introduction of the natural stone circle and edging blocks unified the garden. The previously unused area is now an additional seating area for the clients to enjoy. The large circular lawn has broken the traditional lines and helps break up the shape of the garden and define the planted areas.

The stream bed provides movement and sound and the additional benefits of welcoming wildlife into the garden, the low-key lighting enables the clients to enjoy summer evenings within their new garden for years to come.

Water feature

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