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Now you know the reason why you should have an evening garden, you should start planning now. The first thing to do is to find out the things which you may need to consider such as the following:

First, think about the lighting.


Since it is a garden by night, you should think of the lighting. In this way, you will be able to see how beautiful your garden is even if it is already at night. Plus, you will greatly enjoy your stay. Lighting can also make your garden look magical at night. You can add sculptures that lighten up. You can also add a fountain which has lights. Just imagine how relaxing it is. Some would even install lights along the pathways while others would set them up on top of the tree or surrounding the garden shed. You can also use the top of you fence in putting lights. You can also use small lights that may brighten like the stars.

Second, properly choose the right plants.

white plants

There are plants which bloom at night and seem like to sleep by day time. These plants usually have white or blue colors like the Jasmine, white roses, and foxgloves. Actually, there are tons of them which may not give you any difficulties when selecting. There are also flowers which give sweet smelling scent at night. Oh, that could be lovely. While you are staying in your garden you will not only get fascinated by their looks, but you will also love their scents. This only shows how worthy it is to have an evening garden.

Third, provide enough heat.


At night, the wind can be too cold for you. In this case, how can you enjoy your evening garden if you can’t even take the cold? Plus, this may not be good for your health. As suggested, it is best to have a fireplace that will keep you warm. Maybe, a good wine with the fireplace on is a good idea for relaxation right?

Fourth, provide a place where you can dine.


You can add a bench, couch, or a dining table where you can relax in your garden during at night. Some homeowners would even add outdoor kitchen. You can do this too as long as you have an adequate space. In choosing for the furniture, see to it that they would complement to the entire place. Most importantly, you should think of what makes you feel comfortable.

Fifth, do you want a place where you can stay even if it is raining?


If you don’t have enough protection in your garden, you may not be able to use it when it is raining. But if you really want to use it even if it is raining, you can install patio umbrellas, gazebos, and patio deck. This will make you still enjoy your garden no matter if it is raining or not.

Lastly, when having an evening garden, you should also think of your budget. You may need to buy accessories and new furniture. But these will be paid off once you see the benefits of it as well as the beauty of the entire garden.