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Artificial Grass: The Pros

1. Artificial grass would be much easier to maintain than real grass, because, NO MOWING.

2. Even better, artificial grass would mean NO STRIMMING.

3. The crisp and clean aesthetic of artificial grass – those neat edges! The ‘look’ also fits nicely with the era of a modern house.

4. It works well in small gardens, and it is also ideal if you have a sloping garden which can be tricky to mow.

5. It’s soft and safe underfoot for the kiddos. Goodbye, awful prickly weeds that I can never get under the root of!

6. No muddy lawn means no muddy house.

Artificial Grass: The Cons

1. Downfall is that it can get really hot in the summer. So keeping a section of patio or real grass would be a must.

2. There is no means of recycling it, its destination is landfill after you have finished with it.

3. It costs over three times the amount on average to install

4. It’s never going to look (or feel) as lush, luscious and natural as real grass.

5. It has no benefit to nature

6. Its a potential bio hazard if spills or animal waste isn’t cleaned up

7. Heaven On Earth Landscapes will not install it.